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    (This is a secret transmission from the Golden Boy Farm. Please stand by for important league information)

    Libtards and cucks around the league this past weekend debated the merits of the standing for our national anthem. Many proud Americans have looked to the farm for direction. As the leader of our farm I am proud to say all fourteen members of the farm stood and saluted the Golden Boy Farm during our national anthem (which is Jefferson Starship – We Built This City on repeat). As for the greater issue that is being debated in our great land it is the belief of the Golden Boy dictator that free speech is something we stand for. If not for free speech how can the members of this league not openly discuss “how great the golden boy farm is” or “is the golden boy farm the greatest fantasy machine of all time” or “can the commissioners of the ffbmco get out of the way of this league?” These are the pressing issues of our day gentlemen. In our weekly league address Brian Goebbels-Lilley-Longville failed to stand up for YOUR RIGHTS! I CALL ON ALL MEMBERS OF THE FFMBCO TO TAKE A KNEE THIS SUNDAY TO RECOGNIZE THE FAILURE OF OUR COMMISSIONERS TO NOT STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND MINE! LETS US STAND UP AND SAY IN ONE CLEAR VOICE THE GOLDEN BOY FARM IS THE GREATEST FANTASY JUGGERNAUT EVER CONCEIVED AND MY VOICE STANDS WITH THE FARM!!!!!!

    This past weekend Timmy Derp’s Derpers wandered on to the farm and had a really unpleasant afternoon! Get use to it Timmy! Now that I’m in the Drive Division I FUCKING OWN YOU!!!!!! GIVE ME YOUR FRUIT CUP BITCH AND GET IN THE FUCKING KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A MUTHA-FUCKIN’ FRUIT DRANK!!!!!! Pun, another one of these Burkhardt Ave Intellectuals, will bring his 0-3 Team Punisher to the farm this week. I HOPE HE BOUGHT FIRST CLASS BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE A LONG FLIGHT HOME BACK TO AKRON!!!! Well hell any trip to Akron is a long trip.

    Let me take this time League members to introduce you to our newest product. With this week’s scuttlebutt about the how to respect the flag the Golden Boy Farm has come up with a great solution. These snazzy rose colored goggles I am putting on allow you to see those angry, violent, African-American protesting players as happy patriotic white players saluting our nation’s flag. Are you tired of seeing Marshawn Lynch, Terrelle Suggs, and Colin Kapernick disrespect our flag! Make them into Peyton Manning or Tom Brady! This is a great one-time offer, first come first serve. This weekend you can have your rose colored goggles for a low price of $499. Call now before we run out of stock (please note that the rose-colored goggles will only change the appearance of players and will in no way improve the play of the Cleveland Browns at any-time).

    Well to wrap it up the farm welcomes LeGarrette Blount and says goodbye to Andre Ellington. THE QUEST TO PERFECTION CONTINUES CUCKS AND LIBTARDS!!!!!!! I’M GOING TO BENGAZI THIS BITCH!!!!!!!

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