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    -F.F.B.M.C.O. is played via Yahoo Fantasy sports at http://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy/
    -The Yahoo Fantasy sports app can be downloaded to your mobile device/tablet
    -There is a league website for news and updates at http://ffbmco.com
    -There are 20 total teams that break down into 2 conferences of 10 teams, and each conference is made up of 2 divisions of 5 teams
    -Buy in is $55 per owner
    -$55 x 20 = $1100 total revenue each year
    Cash breakdown:
    1st place prize ($600)
    2nd place prize ($250)
    3rd place prize ($100)
    4 monthly side contest prizes at $25 each, $25 x 4 = ($100)
    League expenses including website renewal, trophy engraving etc. ($50)
    -Players will play each divisional opponent twice per season, and then square off against each team from 1 other division per season (each year you play a different division in addition to your own, repeating every 3 years).
    -There are 8 postseason berths made up of the 4 division winners, and then 2 wildcard winners from each conference.

    The keepers of each team are not related to any previous draft positions or any previous draft in general.
    1. There are 13 total roster spots per team.
    2. Every team keeps 5 players on their current roster.
    3. The draft order goes from worst to first based on the previous year.
    4. The format of the draft is NON-SNAKING and is 8 rounds long.
    5. The 5 keepers are added to each team at the end of the draft, which fills all 13 roster spots.

    Three Strikes
    If 3 strikes have accumulated over the tenure of your FFBMCO membership, you will not be invited back for the next season, you will be banned for life and your team will be auctioned off during that next offseason.

    Again, the strike accumulation does not “erase” at the end of each season. They stay with you for the duration of FFBMCO membership.
    If an owner loses their matchup and had inactive players in their starting lineup OR empty slots in their starting lineup while having capable active plug ins on their bench, they will receive a strike, as well as being ineligible for the side game taking place the month of the violation.

    *Note that this only applies if the owner has a capable/active player on their bench who they did not start in lieu of the inactive player/empty roster spot.

    If an owner has not entered their keepers by the time announced, they will receive a strike.

    If an owner is not fully paid by the time announced, they will receive a strike.

    Starting QB Insurance Policy

    Note – This only applies during the timeframe of immediately following the FFBMCO draft – the last week of the playoffs. If anything occurs during the offseason prior to the next years’ FFBMCO draft, this policy has no bearing.

    If your starting QB can’t play during the FFBMCO season due to injury, suspension, or something else you were unprepared for, you will have the rights to that NFL organizations’ backup IF that backup is currently available as a free agent/through waivers in FFBMCO AND if there is no other QB (regardless of depth chart position) on your FFBMCO roster. This only applies to your starting QB and no other position or player.

    If an FFBMCO owner has one and only one quarterback on their roster, and said quarterback unexpectedly can’t play for whatever reason, then that owner is entitled to the backup quarterback for the NFL team that their quarterback plays:
    1.) If and only if that backup quarterback is NOT already on an FFBMCO roster
    2.) If and only if the owner notified the league within 24 hours from the end of the game in which his FFBMCO quarterback was injured and states that he is using his backup QB insurance policy.

    Hypothetical Scenario:
    Your team is driven by Josh McCown with no other QB on your roster. In week 3 he gets pulverized by Khalil Mack. McCown is done for the year. You as Mccown’s owner have a 24 hour window to pick up Johnny Manziel because he is not on any FFBMCO roster by contacting one of the league commissioners OR by making a forum post declaring that you will be exercising your QB insurance policy. If you don’t act in those first 24 hours, Manziel is there for the taking for anyone.

    The owner of the injured/suspended quarterback receives waiver priority number one for the week. All other owners are moved down one spot to their proper waiver spot. This is the only claim that the insurance owner is allowed to make during the week thereby not affecting any other owner’s waiver claim.

    The owner who uses this insurance claim is only allowed one waiver claim the week of the QB insurance claim, and it is only to be used for the backup quarterback in question.

    A scenario can exist where all starting NFL QBs are on FFBMCO rosters. Therefore when a starter is injured/suspended etc., the FFBMCO owner would not have the ability to have a starting quarterback. This is a huge negative blow to the competitive balance of the league. We don’t want to discourage the keeping of quarterbacks on rosters, we just want to mitigate the possibility that an owner will be without a quarterback to play.

    This only applies to the quarterback position.

    Waiver Priority

    The waiver wire will change each week so that the team with the worst record will have the top waiver claim spot, and the team with the best record will have the last waiver claim spot. Point totals will be used to determine waiver priority between teams with the same W-L record.

    One of the main FFBMCO goals is to keep this league as competitive as possible.
    With the waiver spot being based solely on weekly standings/ point total (for teams with the same record), it stops a player from hoarding a top waiver spot. Since this league is so big, we want to encourage and facilitate player movement and owner action. We want to avoid an owner feeling hopeless thus becoming lethargic and not paying attention to his team. Even if your record isn’t good, being crafty on the waiver wire can give your team the needed boost to get things turned around.

    Note – The exception to the normal waiver priority process is if/when an owner exercises the QB insurance policy, explained in detail in the “Starting QB Insurance Policy” section above.

    3rd Commissioner
    League co-creators Shaun Herrick & Brian Lilley-Longville will always have a season by season 3rd commissioner elected by the FFBMCO community. The 3rd commissioner duties include:

    -Breaking any ties in a split decision between Shaun and Brian
    -Routinely asked for feedback during seasons including but not limited to: monthly contest, monthly contest prize, punishments, implementing changes, etc
    -Will attend the crowning of the champion ceremony which includes the champion meal
    -FFBMCO edit access
    -Advanced Yahoo access
    -Any other duty the league creators request

    New Owner/Expansion Keepers
    If and when there is an FFBMCO vacancy, all people listed in the “potential future owners” thread will be contacted and have the opportunity to bid on the existing vacant team.
    -League official sends out a text to all potential owners explaining the vacancy, the draft position, and a screen shot of the existing roster they’d inherit where they would have to choose not less than 3 players, and then grab not more than 2 players via FFBMCO non rookie Free Agents (aka non locked/kept players from the returning teams).

    – Normal buy in of $55 unless there are more interested potential owners than teams in which case the bidding process would start at $55
    – Incremental bids must be at least $1 from the previous amount


    Chuck Deal leaves FFBMCO.

    The new owner taking over Chuck Deal will pay the full $55 entry fee.

    However, the new owner only has to choose 3 of Chuck Deal’s rostered players, and then gets to choose any 2 NON ROOKIE FFBMCO free agents that are available.

    This will of course happen AFTER the returning 19 players lock their 5 players, the new person only gets to choose non kept non rookies.

    If the new owner wants to choose all 5 of his keepers off of Chuck Deal’s roster, that’s fine too.
    If he wants to choose 4 of his Keepers off Chuck Deal, then he gets to grab 1 non rookie free agent.
    If more than 1 person is interested in joining FFBMCO and there’s only 1 vacancy, the bidding process starts at $55 and highest bidder will join.

    Initial email communication sent to possible owners:

    “I can provide all the details if you are interested, but long story short there is a vacancy in a 20 team dynasty league (5 keepers per team). Buy in is $55 and you will take over an existing team where you will choose 3 players, and then you will choose 2 additional players who are currently non kept non rookie free agents in our league.

    Does this interest you at all?

    Let me know what you think or if you need more info but our league site is http://ffbmco.com.”

    If a potential owner is still interested after the initial email is sent, this second email will be sent:

    “You’re receiving this email because you are at least semi-interested in possibly joining the legendary 20 team dynasty fantasy football league (5 keepers per team) known as FFBMCO.

    Before the details are shared on the vacant team(s), it should be stated that FFBMCO is not for the faint of heart. It is a strategic chess league in a world full of thoughtless checker leagues. The rules and scoring details can be found here http://ffbmco.com/rules/ and here http://ffbmco.com/scoring/ respectively. At a high level, FFBMCO is structured into two conferences, the Clowns and the Frowns. Within each conference sits 2 divisions of 5 teams (see below).

    *pic of team previous year standings/alignment*

    The owner of each of these teams must lock 5 keeper players each year prior to the annual draft that occurs in late August. An important “quirk” of the league is that there is a backup QB insurance policy in place due to the volume of owners, the details of which are found in the Starting QB Insurance Policy section of http://ffbmco.com/rules/. Please take a look.

    If you are still interested at this point, let me kindly outline the team(s) (the new oner must come up with a new team name and team logo as we put these to pasture) that are available going into next season:

    Please note 1 person can own 1 and only 1 FFBMCO team.

    Also note that the league reserves the right to shuffle up a division depending on who the 2 new owners are to stimulate rivalries as much as possible.

    (Give example)

    *pic of roster of available team*
    *facts about available team (what future draft picks it owns, current draft spot etc*

    The standard buy in each season is $55, however there are more interested potential owners than FFBMCO team vacancies there will be a bidding process starting at $55 with increments of $1 bids. Highest bidder wins.

    Please reply all with either YES if you want the bidding instructions or NO if you’re not interested this time around by tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT.”

    FFBMCO Offseason
    The FFBMCO offseason starts as soon as your season has officially ended.
    -12 teams offseason starts at the conclusion of week 13 (rosters will be locked asap)
    -As playoff teams lose, their rosters will be locked
    -All rosters will be locked at the conclusion of the FFBMCO Super Bowl
    -FFBMCO roles/duties end for the season at the conclusion of the trophy presentation/champion meal
    -The season officially starts back up as soon as “keeper day” concludes
    -Trading my start right after this, though they cannot be officially entered in Yahoo until after the draft concludes

    Rental trades are not permitted. A rental trade is defined as: A deal between two teams in which the same NFL player is moved between the same FFBMCO owners in more than 1 transaction in a single FFBMCO season.
    If you acquire something from an owner, you live with it for the season or find one of the other 18 owners in the league to make a deal with to rid said acquired asset.

    As each owner in FFBMCO has paid their entry fee, they can manage their team as they see fit for strategic purposes. As long as an owner is starting active players in their lineup each week then there will be no penalty. Please note that if there are empty slots or inactive players in a starting lineup with capable bench players on a roster, the owner will be subject to penalties.

  • September 25, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Dang almost right on the money with the McCown/Manziel example. Except it didnt even take one full game. GO BROWNS!!!


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