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    The year 3 commissioner #3 is once again Adam Tillett, owner of Lord of the Reamed.

    Once again, FFBMCO headquarters sat down with him in an effort to enlighten the league. Instead of asking him questions, he was asked to fill in the blanks of the sentences, per his life.

    I am a __Jive Talkin’__ citizen and this makes me feel __Like Dancing I Want To Dance The Night Away___

    My star sign is __Hank Scorpio___

    The person who supports me the most is __Gene Autry___ and in my life they have helped me to __Gain Fame As A Singing Cowboy___

    I am frightened by __The Dodo Bird___ and this makes me __Wonder Why It Is Extinct___

    I would like to be like __Mike____ because __I Wanna Be I Wanna Be Like Mike___

    The music I like to listen to is __Barry White___ because it sounds like __I Can’t Get Enough Of___ and makes me feel __Your Love Babe___

    The worst thing that ever happened to me was __Missing Out On The Opportunity To Eat All The Doughnuts In The World____

    It is important to __Study Celestial Objects That Originate Outside Of The Atmosphere Of The Earth___

    I am thrilled by __Being The First Non-Brazilian Person To Travel Backwards Through Time___

    I love how __The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie___

    Mind expanding tidbits there. As mentioned previously, next year all 3rd commissioner candidates will have to answer the same set of FFBMCO focused questions so that the owners can vote on actual policies. Tooker.

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