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    Brian taking the Browns over 5.5 season wins, Ol Bob taking the under.
    The stakes? $23 to remember our King.
    Strive for HOOTENANNY!



    Brian vs. Timmy week 1 Browns vs Steelers. Brian has Browns. Timmy has Steelers. Winner gets a shirt of their choosing under $35.


    Chuck Deal

    I formally invite Joe(and anyone else for that matter) to bet me on your QB vs Bortles



    Timmy Derp buys Brian a Browns shirt of his choice if Josh Gordon makes another Pro Bowl in his career.

    Brian buys Timmy Derp a Browns shirt of his choice and a $20 Chipotle giftcard if Josh Gordon does not make another Pro Bowl game in his career.

    Photograph. Laugh.


    Chuck Deal

    Still taking bets on Bortles… not lookin so stupid now am I?!


    Chuck Deal

    WEEK 3 2018



    Week 8
    Bortles v SuperCAM
    FFBMCO Scoring
    Winner receives a growler from the local brewery where the loser resides (GLBC or Thirsty Dog depending on what happens) and the winner chooses the specific brew.



    Nick “Nicky Flash” Fischer says the Browns won’t make the playoffs.
    Brian “ICE COLD 3000” Lilley-Longville says the Browns will in fact make the playoffs.
    Loser pays winner $40 USD.

    Beat, Fish won.
    Paid for his $10 NCAA Bowl picks and then the $30 cash money balance. BEAT!

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    Adam Danny Tillett says that the A’s young phenom Jesus Luzardo will make his first start 7/5 or later.

    Brian Timothy Captain MAC Sparrow Lilley-Longville says that Curb Your Beatiness’ savior Jesus will make his 1st start BY 7/4.

    Loser owes winner a workday lunch.


    Chuck Deal

    So who won that bet?!



    Adam Danny Tillett won that bet because he pulled his lat right before he was supposed to come up -_-



    Annual Conneaut Joe and RISHE ROLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Browns/Steelers bets!
    This is a complex one to explain via typing but here goes. It has 2 parts.

    Part I – Conneaut Joe says the Browns will not make the playoffs, RISHE ROLDDDDDDDDD says they will. This is a flat $20 won’t vs will bet.

    Part II – Conneaut Joe says that OBJ will have worse numbers in catches/yards/tds than Andre Bad Moon Rison had in 1995 in brown and orange (47/701/3).
    RISHE ROLDDDDDDDDDD says OBJ will have better numbers in all 3 categories. However, Joe’s is piece meal and Brian’s is all or nothing. So if OBJ has more in all 3, Joe pays $20. If OBJ has worse in all 3, Brian pays $60. If OBJ has worse in 2, Brian pays $40. If OBJ has worse in 1, Brian pays $20.


    (agreed to in September) If the Browns win the AFC North, Brian wins an additional $20
    If the Browns lose 10 or more games, Joe wins an additional $20

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    2019 offerings open to all include:

    1.) $10 NFL random draw (if your team wins the Super Bowl you win the $320 pot). Basically a 1 in 32 chance $320 scratcher

    2.) $20 Survivor League run through Yahoo (you choose a team each week to win, but if you lose once you are out and you can’t choose the same team more than once). Last man standing wins the pot.

    3.) $51 weekly pickem run through poolhost.com. Weekly winner paid out each week and season high top 3 paid out at end of season.

    4.) $100 Browns squares. You play different numbers each week for the score ending by the Browns and their opponent. You do the same for Ohio State and their opponent during the Browns bye week.

    Money money money moneyyyyyy…MOOONNNNEEEYYYYY!!!!



    This is a banger…not for the faint of heart.

    To sign-up for the 2019 NFL Pool, click on the link below:


    – On the home page, click on the “2019 NFL Pool Sign-Up Button”.

    – Enter your REAL NAME in UPPER CASE LETTERS (FIRST LAST), a password of your choice, your e-mail address, and your 10 digit cell phone number.

    – Check all check boxes.

    – Select your favorite team.

    – Click the Submit Signup Button.

    – You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

    – Registered players will receive detailed pool instructions on Sun 9/01/19.


    Greetings Football Fans:

    You are cordially invited to participate in Kai’s 2019 NFL Pool. There will be a one time entry fee of $180 for the season which includes the following:

    Based on 162 Players

    WEEKLY POOL (last year 1st-$800/2nd-$200/3rd-$150 per Week & $900-$500-$300-$200-$150 for the top 5 Season Finishers)
    Each week you will be picking the winner of every game against the pointspread and the total points of the Monday night game as a tiebreaker. There will be weekly & season ending jackpots similar to last year.

    MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (last year $750/$750)
    There will be a season ending prize for the best MNF record & for the best tiebreaker.

    SURVIVOR (last year $750/$750)
    There will be 2 Survivor games. Survivor 1 will begin Week 1. Survivor 2 will begin Week 9. Each week you will choose one team to win against the pointspread. If your team wins, you move on to the next week. If your team loses, that is your first miss. Players will be eliminated after their second miss. Once you use a team, you cannot use that team again. This cycle continues until there is only one player left. “The Ultimate Survivor”.

    MARGIN POOL (last year $750)

    Similar to the Survivor pool, except there is no elimination. Everyone plays thru Week 17. The object is to pick the one team a week that you think will win by the LARGEST margin. No point spreads will be used. Once you pick a team, you CANNOT pick that team again for the rest of the season. EXAMPLE: Week 1, you pick the Giants as your team for the week. They win 31-10. You receive 21 points for the week. Week 2, you pick Oakland. They lose 24-14. You will lose 10 points for the week. Therefore, your net total for the year is 11, and so on. There will be a season ending jackpot for the player with the most points.

    HIGH 5 (last year $750)

    Pick any 5 games each week against the spread (you must pick 5 games). Earn 1, 3, 5, 8, or 12 points weekly for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 games picked correctly. There will be a season ending jackpot for the player with the most points.

    LOW MAN OUT (last year $750)

    In this pool, approx 6% of the players with the lowest weekly win total will be eliminated on a weekly basis (assuming 162 players, 10 eliminations per week). There will be a season ending jackpot for the last player remaining.

    PLAYOFF POOL (last year $900-$500-$300-$200-$150)
    Also included will be a playoff pool that will run thru the Super Bowl. After the regular season pools are over, everyone will start with a clean slate and compete for the playoff prize pool.

    Picks will be selected & results posted on the Web. All jackpots will be determined based on the total number of players. Detailed instructions will be e-mailed to registered players on Sunday 9/02/18. Your weekly picks must be submitted before the stated deadline. ***Picks received after the deadline will not be accepted and you will be assigned zero picks for that week (see below).

    ***Anyone failing to submit picks before the stated deadline will receive zero picks for that week. This will most likely knock you out of the running for all season ending jackpots as well as the current week’s jackpot. Please don’t let this happen to you! It is the responsibility of the player to submit his or her picks before the deadline!

    If you are interested, sign-up on the website home page (see instructions above) & mail me your entry fee of $180.Your registration and entry fee must be received no later than Sunday, 9/01/19. No exceptions!!!

    ***If PayPal (kenckai@gmail.com) or Venmo (@Ken-Kaifesh) is more convenient for you, that’s fine, but you can’t mention football pool, gambling, etc.

    Just select payment to friends or family. Do not add any notes.***

    If you have any questions, please call.

    ***** The pool begins Sunday, 9/08/19. The Week 1 deadline for submitting picks will be Friday 9/06/19 at 10:00pm (EST). *****

    You may forward this e-mail to anyone else you know that might be interested.



    (non FFBMCO guy) Brian Kelly vs Brian LL in a “Browns will make the playoffs (says Brian LL)” $20 duel.

    Beatily paid -_-

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