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    The Golden Boy Farm has now disposed of three of you flunkees on its path to a perfect season. The GBF owner/coach the Joseph felt it was necessary to check in with the first of a series of weekly fire side chats. Sitting a top of a throne of animal furs, gold, and the finest silks imaginable sits the Joseph munching on peppers and being rubbed down by a nearly naked Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn. The Joseph gazes from the front porch over his Golden Boy Farm like Mufasa over his kingdom and sees nothing but promise. The GBF is taking back this league! This week’s opponent Big Matty’s King of Cleveland was the best the Red Right 88 Division has to throw at the Joseph and the GBF clearly demonstrated that while Matt might be the King of Cleveland, Joey Bear is the King of FFBMCO. The Joseph gives you credit Matt, you were a worthy opponent but unfortunately for you Jamaal Charles ran all over you like on MNF like the Mongols ran over Baghdad (1258 a.d.) Hopefully the GBF has broken your spirit in the same way the Mongols broke the Islamic Caliphate and the GBF can easily march to a Red Right 88 Division title among many other larger goals for the 2015 season.

    Week 4 brings the closest thing to what the Joseph considers a kindred spirit in the FFBMCO league in Marcy Kellner and the ironically shitty Poo Punchers Unrated. Last year the GBF Farm and PPU battled it out for Red Right 88 supremacy in what appeared to be the first year of a long-term rivalry (think the 2002 Steelers/Browns playoff battle). Unfortunately for Marcy his team turned back into a pumpkin at the end of 2014 like the post-2003 Browns and the GBF has emerged as the potential two-time champion post-2003 Steelers. As the GBF anxiously waits for Marcy to declare a defense and kicker for this Week 4 matchup, the Joseph will proceed to prepare his team for battle in what can only be described as a Gladiator like orgy of oils, body rubbing, and mocha skin. A big GBF welcome to Week 4 newcomers Graham Gano and Brandon “Red Rocket” Weeden and a big “Get the Hell of My Plane” to Reggie Bush and Zach Hocker.

    In news around the NFL and world the mighty Steelers take on the Ravens (real Browns) in a Thursday Night Football match that is surely to excite the Joseph. The Golden Boy Farm is in massive preparation to have all the Steeler decorations and vodka tonics prepared for the Joseph’s delight this evening. In Clowns news the Joseph’s sister/spy TIFFFFFFFFFFFFF has been dispatched to the San Diego/Clowns match up to ensure a McClown scratch and a GB Johnny Football start. Until next week the Joseph still wants to fuck all your couches.



    Your first re-occurring series since Cooking With Joe! BAM BITCH!

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