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    This week the GBF is on remote in Little Italy to bask in the glory of a Week 4 victory over our little Italian Stallion Marcy Kellner. The GBF thoroughly disposed of Poo Punchers Unrated and now is doing body shots of the polished abs of Cleveland’s finest contestants for Jersey Shore cast members. The Joseph sits presiding over his victorious GBF with a giant bowl of spaghetti and the finest bottle of Old Dan Tucker money can buy! Special attention is paid to GBF fill-in Charles Clay who dropped 20 pts on Marcy harder than the allies invaded the soft underbelly of Europe (yeah fuck you Italy!) in 1944. Marcy living up to his Italian heritage rolled over and took his beating as easily GBF fill-in-QB Brandon Weeden rolled over for his red rocket after holding the fort for GBF all-star QB Andrew Luck in Week 4.

    Next up is Dilinger’s Dirt Mane who bull-rushed through the FFBMCO with a 11-0 record before the GBF promptly bush whacked that team twice. The second beating in week 13 was so depressing that Dilinger’s broken soul Dirt Mane promptly went on to lay a Cincy Bungal like 100 point deficit egg in Week 1 of the FFBMCO playoffs despite being the #1 seed. The last time the Joseph so thoroughly bitch smacked a man he collected Charlie Sweeney’s manhood which sits politely on the mantle of shame in the GBF farm house with a small shrine to baby Chase Sweeney and the condom Cassie used to fuck the Unit. This week’s song of the week is the Pixies “Where is My Mind” in honor of Dilinger’s Dirt Mane who the GBF will fuck their brains out just to see what is on their mind. A big hardy welcome to the table to Robbie Gould and the Lions Defense and a “NOT MY POWAH!” goodbye to Graham Gano and Johnny Fucking Football.

    In news around the NFL the GBF is preparing for two big prime-time games. The first is Andrew Luck’s triumphant return to fantasy football domination on Thursday Night Football. Golden Boy Wanna-be Brian Castle has been sent to dispose of JJ Watt by any means necessary. The second game is Antonio Brown and the precocious Steelers on MNF. Maybe if we are lucky Brown will kick some random fan wearing a Browns jersey in the face and earn bonus points for the GBF. The GBF will also be actively rooting on GB crossover stars in the MLB playoffs: Andrew McCutchen, Kris Bryant, Clayton Kershaw, Edwin Encarnacion, and the entire preshy Royals squad. The children may be the future but the FFBMCO currently belongs to the Joseph. Farmersonly.com get all your studs seeking casual relationships ready for the soon to be 5-0 GBF!



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    Joey for Commish!?

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