Well here we are. After 6 seasons we are finally operating under a tainted postseason. Instead of rehashing all the bullshit that hilarious / moronic owners did, let’s just all join together and hope that organic/natural justice will prevail. Need a 2018 Christmas miracle here to save the league just like so many TV sitcom families have been saved.
Needless to say we have two problem children squaring off against two chivalrous knights. Yes…Charlie Sweeney is very bearable and only like a 3 on the annoying scale instead of his usual 10 as long as he’s a league commissioner. So please vote him back in next year.
Two good vs evil matches in the Final 4. Please let good prevail.

Minimal editorializing this week as the league scribes are beaten down after the bullshit that went down not only last week, but the entire season pretty much. So much bitching and moaning from grown ass men. Hatorade to all the league liabilities, intoxicating fresh beer to all the league assets. Sometime after the PLAYOFFS?!?!? there will be a year end post addressing specific things and what the consequences will be for said things, as well as a few offseason polls and rule tweaks starting in 2019. Everyone will know exactly what’s going on with all the rules etc. by the time they have to commit for next year, so if you’re not feeling it anymore there is no shame in tapping out.

As reported last week, Best in the World won the final contest and he wrote Santa a letter for an early hat, and Santa came through as always and didn’t care it was for a different sport.

Finally, the top 16 draft positions are set.


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