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    Welcome peasants. Pull up a old fashioned barrel and have a seat with the prominent Golden Boy Farmer himself, Mr. Stanonik. Sitting in a rocking chair and drinking the finest lemonade prepared by the Golden Boys the Stanonik looks over his resurgent GBF with pride. The GBF rolled to 6-1 in a week 7 match up with Marcy’s Poo Punchers who surprisingly gave the GBF a challenge through half-time of the first slate of games on Sunday. But it the truest GBF fashion the Stanonik descended from him plantation porch perch to motivate his golden boys to victory. Motivated by their leader’s inspiring words the GBF led by Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski showed up at Marcy’s door in the second half like a bunch of Visigoths ready to sack Rome.

    Now the farm prepares for a week 8 match up with Dilinger’s Dirt Farm. With the taste of Week 5’s lost still fresh in his mouth, the Stanonik is pulling out all stops to hand Dilinger a loss twice as deflating as the 111-47 fluke of victory Dirt Farm pulled out. The Stanonik has tasked his Golden Boys to not only to win this week, not only take control of the Red Right Division, but to drop 200 pts in the process and to leave Dilinger’s bloody sodomized carcass laying in the GBF lane. When George Washington’s army was facing defeat and annihilation at the hands of the British, Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben was recruited to shape up the American military force. In that spirit the Stanonik has recruited the #1 GBF coach Forest Gregg this week to put some spirit into the GBF. Gregg’s tactics of challenging the manhood of his players, working them into exhaustion, and driving his players insane with adherence to technique and discipline are too controversial for the modern NFL but perfect for this GBF farm. The GBF is raring like a rapid dog ready to be unleashed on Dilinger’s Dirt Farm. This week’s song is “Hurt” by NIN because the GBF has hurt itself this week, it is focused on the pain, it wants to kill it all away, but it remembers everything. You can have it all Dilinger, this empire of dirt, I will let you down. I will make you hurt!

    The Stanonik is excited to see the results of Gregg’s drilling to perfection on Thursday night with Gronkowski’s matchup with Miami. The Stanonik will not be pleased with anything short of 40 points from Gronk. The Stanonik is also excited for the Steelers led by a resurgent Antonio Brown to take on the Bungals led by the Dirt Farm’s Andy Awful Dalton. Lets see awful Andy put up that 36 points again. In all honesty Dilinger you may be better off starting Kirk Cousins who is on the bye. Just take the penalty from our commissioner. Speaking of this QB question the Stanonik also wanted to share his thoughts on the this newest QB mandate passed down from the FFBMCO office this afternoon. It was the assumption of the Stanonik that the FFBMCO was a collection of the finest fantasy owners that could be gathered in a league that would test our abilities to thrive in spite of adversity. All this whining about the QB issues last weekend, all the Stanonik has to say about that is what a bunch of babies. If you want to live in a cradle to grave nanny state of a fantasy league I’m sure some of you losers can break off and create a real nice 12-team yahoo standard league. I’m sure it will be real classy. The FFBMCO is for winners! It was designed for winners!!!! If you want to water it down with your suggestions about how to handle your QB getting hurt in week 6 and you don’t have a backup or lowering the keepers to none, 1, or 3 the Stanonik says GET OUT!!!!! In the Stanonik’s words, “If you fashion yourself as a Marty McFly in the this league than I am the Biff Tannen. I will wreck you car and then fuck your mom. If you try to usurp my power you only make me more powerful because I am smarter and better at this than all you peasants.” That concludes this weeks fire side chat. Men are not prisoners of fate but prisoners of their own minds.



    The league is honored to have the crackpot representative from Conneaut with no party affiliation other than his own, in our corner in regards to the 5 keeper system.

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