Mature people don’t blame kickers for losing games BUT I SURE DO!
Anywho, we won’t dwell on the negative. The Browns franchise QB is scurrying around like a straight LLL (Lizard Lot Legend) and it’s time to take care of business on Sunday night.

FFBMCO has also moved into Prime Time. In March, COVID tooker Final 4. But COVID has failed this time around…

2020-12-18 15_14_26-2020 FINAL FOUR - Google Search

The Replacements made history folks. The highest 1 week total of points in FFBMCO history belongs to them with their 207.54 points. GOOD LAWD DAZ A LOTTA POINTS! Comeback Franchise of the season Leonard Washintons also advance in solid fashion but owner Nick Fischer went against protocol and asked for his very specific niche prize of seasonal beers be transformed into deferred “a beer or two at FishFest21” in a Global Pandemic climate. FFBMCO Corporate isn’t sure whether or not this will ever come to fruition and really urges winners to accept their prize and not try and mutate it into something else.

On the other side of the bracket, Timmy Derp’s Derpers came back from a pretty large deficit with the help of Baker Reagan Mayfield to advance, and Poo Punchers Unrated was the last man standing in a close playoff duel. Even prior to the field being cut from 8 to 4, we were guaranteed a new FFBMCO champion. Now it’s down to these 4 squads. Good luck men.

playoffs_32-2020 division breakdown.xlsx - Excel

The 2021 draft order got a little more complete…
draft orderx - Excel

Quick note that 13 of 20 FFBMCO warriors have voted on the 2 roster related issues. If you haven’t voted, hop in there let your voice be heard by moving your mouse and clicking a couple radio buttons.

Gentlemen…we are so close to beating the Coronavirus by proving to it that we successfully completed another season. Hats off to all of you and your grit and persistence during these trying times. It’s supposed to be the hap, happiest season of all raise a glass and…STUFF OUR WORRIES AND ANXIETIES DOWN WITH BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Christmasses…er, I mean Four PLAYOFF?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! teams…


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