It was a wonderful high octane shootout on Sunday. A real life Madden game. It’s a shame that the NFL Officials butchered the entire thing with the above horrendous DPI flag they felt obligated to throw for some reason. Needless to say the Browns lost and now everyone has all the hot takes. Suckfest 2021.

We have a new player a top the Fastest Ball Carriers Challenge! Jalen Reagor ran a whopping 21.74 mph during a punt return last week…BUT WAIT!!! HE WAS RIDING PINE! Sorry Big Matty Eazzzzzzzzzzzzz, that makes DJ Moore STILL the leader of all the 2021 FFBMCO contests with his week 4 21.38 mph rush for The Replacements. Three more weeks of contest fun though so who knows what spooky tricks n treats the cosmos has for us?!

We have our second player in the lifetime 70 win club. Lord of the Reamed led by the recluse hermit Adam Danny Tillett accomplished that feat over the weekend as his team moved to 4-1 on the year. Congratulations Lord of the Reamed, sadly this is the most recent photo we could find of Adam since he hasn’t interacted with other humans since long before COVID-19 struck.

TREMENDOUS! Poo Punchers Unrated scored 210.28 points?!?!??!? Mama miaaaaaaaa, is that an FFBMCO record?! Anyone want to scour back through each and every one of these posts from September of 2013 – now and check?!?!? Dr. Kellner, you truly are a stallion of all sorts. Pour a precious negroni and take a soak in the hot tub for this wonderful accomplishment.

DISASTER! To the Lefou to Dr. Kellner’s Gaston; Chuck Deal. Chuck Deal’s team boxed up and crapped upon 51.62. Multiply this score by 4 and he still loses to our weekly high guy. The reason for this is that Chuck Deal entered an 8:00 draft at 8:01 and any efforts to convince him otherwise are futile. SGAB for punishment.

Through 5 we have one perfect team and two imperfect teams. Bye…thanks for…stopping byyyy.


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