Brothers of the FFBMCO Watch.
It is with great joy to announce that our King, the first Champion to repeat, has been properly crowned.
The venue was LEGENDARY Ray’s Place in the land of Kent. The ales were flowing and a feast was had. Wings, island fries, gyros & smoked pastramis. Long live the King…from this day, to his last day.

Keepers have been locked for over a week and tomorrow’s draft is the first of its kind…an extra round due to the IDP election. There will be 9 rounds instead of the familiar 8. Best of luck gents.

If you haven’t paid yet ($55) then you haven’t been personally asked on your intention to join the additional $20 postseason contest. Anyone who wishes to participate has until the Bears/Packers kickoff on 9/5 to state their intentions. For transparency, 9 of 20 have paid and of those 9, 4 are in for the postseason game. If nobody else joins, the winner would take the $80 pot. Again it’s a full roster accumulated sum during the duration of the FFBMCO postseason.

Final order of business…the September prize will be a House Banner of their favorite NFL team from the sultry seamstresses over at https://www.proflagsandbanners.com/
Any banner $29.95 or less (if you wanted multiple lower priced ones etc) is fine.
The FFBMCO winner is the person whose new IDP player scored the highest single game amount during NFL weeks 1-4.

The adventure starts tomorrow fam, 7 BLESSINGS TO YA!!!


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