We have reached the critical point of our 2021-22 football lives.
After the AFC North continues to not be sewn up the Cleveland Browns/Typical Clowns have a choice to make. Will they show up at home against the current division leader and make a statement, or will the season of putridness continue and a nail is smashed into the Lake Erie coffin? Let’s hope for the former and not just hope…let’s all be FFBMCO brothers and share cheer and food and drink and company in The Pit Sunday morning. So far 10% of the league will be present with representation from FunkyEngineThatCould & Team Punisher. Won’t you come help boost that % as well as the immunization rate %? If you are bold enough to attend the “Parking Lot of FFBMCO Camaraderie” then please make yourself known via text, call, FFBMCO Facebook post.

The NFL’s Cleveland franchise isn’t the only one scratching and clawing to keep their season alive. Many FFBMCO franchises find themselves in the same uncomfortable spot.

As you can see, all four playoff teams have been identified from the Frowns Conference and none of the playoff teams have been identified from the Clowns Conference. What a Boot Scoot n Saloon of a weekend we have upon us! Frowns teams are battling for division titles and playoff seeds and Clowns teams are just trying to do any and everything possible to solidify their presence in the…PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?!??!?!

Gents. The 2021 Comeback of the Year is sewn up. Congratulations to Matt “Big Matty M” Lutz of King of Cleveland from going from 3-10 last year to already +6 and a chance to go +7 after Monday Night Football. We’ll wait to get your official banner drawn up since we don’t know how large your improvement will be, but 2nd place franchise Chesty McDoon’s is at a +4 with a best possible of +5. So well done Matt. You will get to sip cold beer from winning this and hot tea from winning the November contest. What a delight.

After one week (of only two total weeks) for the December contest, the NFL defense with the most takeaways is a deadly 4 way tie of Cardinals/Cowboys/Chargers/Browns. Hopefully we have a team that goes above and beyond this weekend as a sole leader, if not the tiebreaker will be FFBMCO points scored by that DEF in that specific week.

See all of you at the Pit tomorrow!



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