Our $230 million dollar man is always cleared to play but never plays and always says he doesn’t know if he’ll play.
Our former XFLer has turned the ball over 6 times in slightly less than 3 full games.
Our 5th round rookie QB got fed to the Ravens with no reps and has since just worn his Slayer tshirt.
Typical Clowns!

Our September contest was won by league co-creator and commissioner Shaun P Herrick of Chesty McDoons. The Nike gift card has been spent on a pair of youth LeBron Witness VIIs for one of his sons’ CYO hoops seasons. We still don’t know what else was purchased from the site???

Our October contest was won by league co-creator and commissioner Brian RISHE ROLDDDDDDDDDDDDD 3000 of FunkyEngineThatCould. Look at this stuff? Isn’t it neat? 2 contests won by the creators SKEET SKEET!
Stance joggers are on sale so I shall do the needful to become flyly fitted for fall. Scoring 131.16 pts wasn’t enough to get a win, BUT IT WAS DAMN SURE REWARDING ENOUGH TO GET A PRIZE.

Our November contest is for 1 week and 1 week only. It will be Thanksgiving week, aka week 12. It is the “Thanksgiving Feast Fueled Challenge” where the starting player who scores the most actual amount of points compared to their projected amount of points will win an NFL jersey of their choosing. $130 max but can be a current player, throwback player, derpy hybrid like Myles Garrett Cavs, etc. GOOD LUCK PILGRIMS.

I’m too swamped and beaten down to zest this up or make more regular posts, and for that I beg your forgiveness.


And finally, please note that the 2023 FFBMCO Trade Deadline is …


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