Hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.
Golly, the opener vs Cinci sure seems like eons ago. In a defensive mauling against Richie Rich and the Bungals, the Browns somehow find a way to lose a game with a 4th quarter lead while allowing NEGATIVE SEVEN yards in said quarter.
To throw gasoline on the trash fire, our revered hero St. Nicholas Jamaal Chubb is now lost for the year.
And while we’re on the ground burning to death, extra salt in our wounds is that the shitty play of the $230 million dollar air thrusting QB1 has inspired him to possibly pull a KD and create a burner defending the horrible play that the nation witnessed not only on Monday night, but since he returned to football in general.
Browns beat, see ya in the Pit Sunday.

Week 1 DOH! to StandYourGround and their weekly low of 60.88, whidch directly correlates with the previously mentioned poor play of the NFL’s richest QB. Joey B got a haircut after that game…did Scott?
Week 1 WOOHOO! to LM’s Gamblerz and their weekly high of 146.36. LM was propelled behind 56 big ones courtesy of @cheetah, so let’s start the bonus points complaining right now even though we just voted on it as we do almost every year!

Week 2 DOH! to … oh no.. a double whammy for poor StandYourGround. Though this league has seen much, much worse than 77.58 points in a week, it’s just SAD to rack up back to back low scores. Or is it s robust Marvin Harrison II scheme? Either way, it might be time for a haircut.
Week 2 WOOHOO! to 2x champion Off the Team as he piled up 161.86 pts with three different players scoring over 30 points for Uncle Crez. If Halloweekends is too spooky, you can try and tell the ghouls and monsters about your high score to lighten the mood.

A fun fact that was omitted in the initial post is that this year we have the largest number of participants in the optional $20 Side Hustle ever. A whopping 11 teams will square off during the NFL playoffs where the winner will get $220.

As for our current contest…

Our September contest is currently tied @ 18 points between week 1’s Boom! Goes the Dynamite and week 2’s The Golden Boy Farm. If no week 3 kicker surpasses 18, then the tie breaker will be the sum of each kicker still in the race for weeks 1-3.
The winner of course gets to yell FIVEEEEEEE – SIX! NI! KE! KICKS! Like all the young kids who watch YouTube videos 24/7 do.

Hang in there Dawg Pound, only 15 more fun games to go!


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